Understanding Hair Restoration Transplant Methods

hair transplantation mclean virginiaHair loss is something that most people don’t talk about openly. Those with thinning hair can find it difficult because of how it affects their lives, both overtly and subtly. The good news is that surgical hair transplants are an effective way for most men and women to treat their thinning hair and balding. You do need to have realistic expectations when considering to have hair restoration surgery, but people who have undergone hair restoration have restored their self-confidence and enjoy life again.

Follicular Unit Strip Transplantation

Follicular unit strip hair transplants and follicular unit extraction are both the standard hair transplant methods widely in use today. The follicular unit hair transplant procedure removes a small area of skin from the back of the patient’s head. From that, tiny grafts are placed into the areas where there is thinning hair. The area around the back of the head where the skin was removed is covered by the surrounding hair. Follicular unit strip hair transplant surgery is a good option for those who have a concern about the cost of hair restoration. Some patients report that they have more discomfort and swelling with this type of hair transplant surgery than those who undergo FUE procedures.

The Follicular Unit Extraction Method

The follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant procedure is a process where individual hair follicles are removed directly from the scalp. The marks on the scalp where the grafts are taken from are hidden by your surrounding hair. There is less scarring overall because it doesn’t remove sections of skin. It is often the preferred method of patients for hair transplants even though it costs a bit more. Doctors are able to transfer follicles from different areas so there is no thinning patches around the scalp and you get hair that looks full all over.

Hair Transplants: What to Expect

Patients don’t see the full results of a hair restoration transplant procedure for nine to 12 months after the initial operation. The hair that is transplanted will initially fall out. There is no need to worry as this is normal. Because the hair follicle is moved, the regrowth of the transplanted hair will occur naturally. Hair follicles are tiny sacs that produce hair growth.

Often patients may elect to undergo additional hair restoration transplant procedures to get the best results. The number of procedures and the length of each session will depend on the end result you want to achieve and how much hair you have lost and how fast you are losing your hair. There are some limitations to hair transplants. Your genetics will influence its effectiveness, what kind of hair you have and that amount of donor hair available.

Hair Transplant Benefits for Men & Women

Men and women both can benefit from hair restoration surgery. Men are often the most common hair transplants patients. Men can lose their confidence because of the male pattern baldness and hair loss. Especially those who begin losing their hair in their 20s. A hair transplant for men means taking hair from the back and sides of the head when the hair is most thick and full. Women do lose their hair differently.

Proven Hair Restoration Solutions in McLean, Virginia

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