Top Benefits Hair Transplant Surgery

hair transplant virginia washdcHair transplantation is a medical procedure that involves obtaining hair follicles from a donor area on the patient’s scalp, and implanting them where hair is thinning or balding. This means that tiny hair follicles are carefully extracted from the donor area, typically the back of the head that is not susceptible to balding, and then transplanted in the balding areas on the crown, top and front hairline areas of the scalp. There are a number of hair transplant procedures available today, but one of the most popular hair transplant method is the Artas™ Robotic FUE hair transplant procedure.

Hair Transplants: The Real Benefits

1. Improved Self-Image
People that seek out a hair transplant procedure will tell you it is because their baldness makes them feel disappointed with the way they look, making them look older than they really are or feel. Hair transplantation will fill in those balding areas with the patient’s own hair that will then grow for the rest of their life, giving them the boost in self-confidence they need and want.

2. A Permanent Hair Loss Solution
While some topical treatments and even some holistic methods offer to help with balding issues, a hair transplant procedure offers hope for those that suffer from balding and thinning hair that is a more reliable and also a permanent solution.

3. Permanently Eliminates Balding
For men and women with hair loss, the only way to finally say goodbye to baldness is with a hair transplant. This is because once a hair transplant is done, the affected areas will never have hair that will fall out again. You won’t have receding hairlines or bald patches any longer. Statistics show that hair transplant procedures have an exceptionally high success and patient satisfaction rate.

4. Hair Transplants are Low Maintenance
There is another benefit of having a hair transplant procedure. It requires just minimal maintenance after hair transplantation on the affected areas. This is because the transplanted hair is the patient’s own hair and grows normally and naturally. There are no special chemicals or shampoos needed to have and maintain hair density. It is important to note that hair transplantation is typically a one time procedure, although many patients opt to repeat the process after one year if they are looking for even more density and fullness. As a result, there are no return trips to the doctor, just the barber or hair stylist.

5. Long-Term Cost Savings
While many hair restoration procedures tend to be a bit costly, hair transplant surgery is not like that. This is because unlike other solutions, hair transplantation is permanent.

Contacting Grow Your Hair Back™ Virginia Hair Transplant Surgeons

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