The Emotional Toll of Hair Loss on Self-Esteem

hair loss emotional toll treatmentAs we age, hair loss is often unavoidable. Hair loss and thinning hair affects everyone differently and can occur for various reasons. With stress and genetics playing major roles in the physical aspect of hair loss (Alopecia), it’s important to also take the emotional aspects into account. It can be difficult seeing your hair start to thin, leaving you wondering what happened to cause the hair loss. It’s hard for people to understand what a person with hair loss may be going through. However, understanding the emotional side effects helps lead to understand and the realization that there are effective solutions available to do something about it. This blog describes the emotional side effects you may experience from hair loss but also what you can do to regain your confidence and get your life back on track.

The Realization Of Aging

Have you ever woken up, took a look in the mirror and were surprised by how much you seem to have aged? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. However, this can be a little more difficult when you notice your hair is thinning or balding. Androgenetic Alopecia (hereditary hair loss and thinning) is a common sign of aging but that doesn’t always mean it’s easy to accept. Adding hair loss into the mix may make you feel older and even more self-conscious of your appearance. While being frustrated at the signs of aging is completely natural, it is also unhealthy to let this significantly negatively impact your life. Find the solution that works best for you to accept the inevitable changes and regain a confident lifestyle. If you have fallen victim to hair loss due to aging, rest assured knowing there are several hair restoration and hair replacement solutions available to help.

The Inability To Style Your Hair

Men and women alike style their hair for special events, to look appropriate for work and even just for every day activities. According to Today, as anyone who’s gotten a really good — or bad — haircut knows, hair is so much more than just a look: It can be a reflection and reinforcement of who you are. This being said, people can become depressed or feel defeated in their day’s activities when they lose the ability to style their hair. With effective hair loss solutions that give you natural looking and feeling hair, you’ll be able to style your hair anyway you like for any activity that comes your way.

Dramatic Change In Appearance

Alopecia can significantly change one’s appearance. As the hair line recedes, a person’s  appearance changes by shifting the balance of the face to the forehead, resulting in an aged looked. According to American Hair Loss Association, by the age of fifty approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair and approximately 25% of men who suffer with hair loss begin loosing their hair before they reach the age of twenty-one. Additionally, contrary to societal belief, most men and women who suffer from genetic pattern baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia) are extremely unhappy with their situation and would do anything to change it.

Hair loss is difficult to experience and creates significant emotional impact, especially on women. According to a 1992 study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology that compared the psychological impact of hair loss on men and women found that women had a more negative body image and were less able to adapt to the loss (Source). It is emotionally difficult to accept that hair loss is natural when your loved ones are not experiencing it too. However, alopecia in all it’s varying forms happens for several reasons and affects everyone differently. If hair loss has greatly affected you and interfered with your way of living, seek hair restoration or replacement solutions that are designed specifically for you.

Fear of Social Interaction

Hair loss can significantly affect both men and women both physically and psychologically. For this reason, hair loss can affect one’s career and overall their social life. Upon meeting someone, one of the first things people notice is one’s appearance – including their hair. In fact, people living with hair loss will experience unintentional but upsetting teasing about their balding or thinning hair.  Research has shown that a staggering 60% of bald men have been mocked at some time during their lives because of their hair loss. Of course, fuller thicker hair won’t always secure your confidence, but significant research has clearly shown that among males suffering from balding, nearly 75% have felt their confidence fall along with their hair, particularly in their social life and how it affects intimacy (Source).

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