Millions of people worldwide have contracted the Coronavirus. Through the many survivors that recovered from it, we are learning about the long-term effects. One of the recent signs that doctors are seeing is for stress-related hair loss. While hair loss isn’t a direct result of having contracted Covid-19, the stress from the illness, everything about the pandemic are contributing factors.


Covid-19 Hair LossUnderstanding Stress and Hair Loss

If you have found yourself shedding more hair than usual, you are not alone. A common form of hair loss is called telogen effluvium. Many factors can cause this condition that range from surgery, physical or psychological stress, high fever, weight loss diet change, and even after childbirth and during menopause.


You may be asking what role does Covid-19 plays in this. If you contract the covid virus, telogen effluvium could be a side effect you could see. People with flu, strep throat, or many other illnesses as well as the coronavirus can all cause an individual to suffer hair loss. Of course, you should know that you don’t have to be sick to have this condition show. This form of hair loss can affect those who find themselves stressed out by the pandemic. During the past year, people have had stressors from the feeling of cabin fever to people losing their jobs. Emotional stress can trigger your body to react and hair loss is one of the things that can happen. If you were feeling stressed before the pandemic then the stress during it only compounds and makes things worse.


Treatment for Hair Loss

As disconcerting as it may be the condition is also treatable. The hair loss you have will be replaced with new hair in time. Assuming the hair loss you are experiencing is not from medication or nutritional deficiency. Exercise and a well-balanced diet with lots of protein will help but managing their stress is a big part of it. If your hair loss is severe and your hair loss isn’t coming back as it should there are other avenues you can explore like laser hair loss treatments and EPT.


Enhanced Plasma (EPT) Therapy is a wonderful treatment that is growing in popularity. Your blood contains mesenchymal stem cells and autologous blood products that contain specific growth factors that will aid in tissue rebuilding and healing. EPT offers men and women a solution for natural hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles that produce hair.


The process is simple, a small about of your blood is taken and put into a centrifuge which will separate your plasma. The rich-plasma is then injected into your scalp in the area where thinning hair and hair loss is happening.


The Covid virus has affected a lot of people in the last year and whether you were one of the many that contracted the virus, had a difficult time dealing with the pandemic or just the isolation that has been felt has caused you to feel more stress than usual then you could experience hair loss. Rest assured we at Grow Your Hair Back™ Medical Group in Virginia understand how sudden hair loss can affect you and we are here to offer our help so you can regain your hair and your self-confidence.