If you or someone you know has alopecia then you know how hard this condition can be to live with. Androgenetic alopecia affects globally over half the population. Over 50 percent are women over 65 and 40 percent are men over the age of 40. The advancements in technology over the past couple of decades laser hair therapy today offers one of the best treatments for helping those with alopecia.

How Laser Hair Therapy Works
The lasers used in hair restoration our of a different type that you may have seen on TV that is used for cutting during surgical procedures. For use on hair and scalp, a low dose laser is used which allows light to pass through the skin without causing damage. It is this light that causes a process of phototherapy. The weaker hair follicles that are not dead are thereby stimulated and increases blood flow to those cells. Many clients that undergo this treatment do see some changes in a few weeks, but a majority of the transitions will occur in six to 12 months. Treatments will need to be repeated so clients need to be diligent and patient with their laser hair therapy. To achieve the best results laser hair therapy should be done along with using nutritional supplements and medication like minoxidil. Because laser hair therapy is non-intrusive clients undergoing treatment don’t need sedation or anesthesia.

Laser Therapy Specialist
Before starting any treatment, you will want to speak to one of our hair restoration specialists for a free hair loss consultation. This allows them to examine your hair loss issues and establish the cause. For some it may simply be genetic for others it could be a thyroid disorder or anemia. Laser hair therapy won’t help much for that that suffer the later.

If you suffer from alopecia, a genetic disorder that causes hair loss then laser hair therapy is a great treatment option. Because it stimulates hair follicles that may be in the resting phase, it can work to promote healthy hair growth. The hair that grows you will notice is thicker and will appear to give you a thicker head of hair.

Laser hair therapy is a treatment process. It doesn’t work after only one treatment. This is important to understand as several treatments will be necessary and clients will need to be patient before they will see results.

If you suffer from alopecia then laser hair therapy is a great treatment solution. The cost is relatively inexpensive compared to other options and for those dealing with hair loss, it can be life-changing.

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