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6 07, 2021

Enhanced Hair Therapy for Hair Loss

By |2023-06-27T11:33:18-04:00July 6th, 2021|EP-Transplant, Hair Restoration|

Enhanced Plasma Therapy for Hair Loss Treatment Enhanced Plasma Therapy is created by spinning the patient’s own blood in a centrifuge. This will separate the plasma from the rest of the blood. This will create a highly concentrated solution of platelets that are suspended in a small volume of plasma. This concentrated plasma has growth factors that help wounds [...]

15 06, 2021

What Makes EPT Effective for Treating Hair Loss

By |2021-12-17T10:10:07-05:00June 15th, 2021|EP-Transplant, Hair Transplants|

If your premature hair loss is a concern then enhanced plasma therapy (EPT) might be the help you need. Enhanced plasma therapy helps new hair growth by stimulating the scalp and hair follicles which will enhance the thickness of your hair. EPT is a minimally invasive procedure that addresses the root cause of your hair loss and it provides [...]

5 05, 2021

Reverse Thinning Hair with EPT Therapy

By |2021-12-17T10:05:42-05:00May 5th, 2021|EP-Transplant, Hair Restoration|

Orthopedic doctors have used Enhanced Plasma Therapy (EPT) for over 20 years as a way to help those suffering from joint injuries, osteoarthritis, and rotator cuff tears. Today EPT has found its way in helping those that suffer from hair loss with this new hair restoration procedure. What is Enhanced Plasma Therapy (EPT)? To better understand how EPT can [...]