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Grow Your Hair Back™ is making a splash in in a big way in Washington, D.C. Larry O’Connor is a well-known radio personality for WMAL and is the host of the Larry O’Connor Show, the politics/pop-culture and lifestyle talk show heard daily from 3PM-6PM on WMAL FM in Washington DC. The two-year-old program is the most listened-to afternoon talk show in the nation’s capital. Prior to hosting TLOS O’Connor co-hosted Mornings on the Mall, WMAL’s top-rated morning show from 2012 through 2016.

Larry is active in his community and always meeting personalities, both in and out of politics. Feeling confident and looking his best is important to him. Over the years he has been losing more of his hair and was ready to do something about it, so he came to Grow Your Hair Back™ to have PAI’s Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ hair transplant procedure as well as Enhanced Plasma Therapy (EPT) Hair Restoration! Here you can follow his progress from day one through to his final results.

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So, it’s true. Larry O’Connor recently got a hair transplant at Grow Your Hair Back™ Medical in McLean, Viriginia! Apart from his daily talk show on WMAL, he is the Associate Opinion editor at The Washington Times where he has a weekly column. Prior to joining the Washington Times, O’Connor’s writing appeared at Hot Air, Washington Free Beacon, The Federalist, The Weekly Standard, IJ Review and Andrew Breitbart’s original collection of websites Big Hollywood, Big Government, Big Journalism and Breitbart.tv.

Although Larry spends a major amount of his time behind the radio microphone, he also makes several in-person appearances both in the DC area and around the country as well as appearing regularly on Fox News. Being so much in the public eye, he needs to look his very best and for Larry, that meant getting rid of his baseball cap collection! That’s why he chose Grow Your Hair Back™ Medical Virginia for the best hair transplant in Washington DC and Northern Virginia.

Stay tuned and follow Larry’s hair restoration journey.

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“It’s about a month since I had my Artas Robotic transplant at Grow Your Hair Back™. All the new hair is still intact, fortunately :). I was advised to wait for couples months till they are fully grown again. So, I will check back here for the result. I just want to compliment the Grow Your Hair Back™ Medical Virignia’s staff. Everyone is genuinely helpful, honest and professional with customers. Everything is laying out before you sign the service agreement without hidden charge.

The procedure was four hours long in my case but it’s very smooth and painless. No stitches is what I was looking for with ARTAS technology. I would highly recommend this professional team and place if you are considering “tuning up” yourself.




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