Low Monthly Payments

At Grow Your Hair Back™ Medical Virginia, we understand that investing in your hair restoration goals is a big step.
For this very reason, we offer low monthly payment options to help you reach your hair loss treatment goals without worrying whether your hair transplant is affordable.

How Much Will My Hair Transplant Cost?

Permanent Natural Hair Restoration

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How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost

Starting at: $5,800 – $16,800

Approximate Procedure Cost Average Payment (60 mo.)
$ 5,000 $ 119
$ 7,000 $ 166
$ 9,000 $ 214
$ 11,000 $ 262
$ 13,000 $ 309
$ 15,000 $ 357

* Based on 60/14.9%. Costs may vary due to changing rates, term or credit score

Why is The Cost of Every Procedure Different?

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Every Patient is Different so Grow Your Hair Back™ has different solutions to fit your budget.

hair transplant financing payment plans mclean va washington dc

Credit Problems? Trouble with Your Credit? No Problem!

In most cases our lenders work with patients who’ve had difficulty with their credit through qualified co-applicants. If you’ve had a few ‘bumps’ with your credit, a strong co-applicant may be just the answer to getting your hair back permanently and naturally all the while rebuilding your credit. If you need help, call our office at (703) 556-4247 and we will be happy to assist you with the co-applicant process.

Price and Your Candidacy for a Hair Transplant is Based On:

  • The size of your hair loss in sq. cm.
  • The average number of hairs in your follicles
  • The health of your donor area
  • The color and texture of your hair
  • The elasticity of your scalp
  • Your expectations

Can I Afford It?

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    Using the chart above, which stage represents your current state of hair loss?

    Does hair loss run in your family?

    Have you ever been diagnosed with Alopecia Areata?

    Have you been diagnosed with compulsive hair pulling?

    What hair loss treatments have you tried?
    Prescription MedicationHair ReplacementTransplantsWigs

    How would you describe your lifestyle?
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    How has hair loss affected you emotionally, if at all?

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