Covid-19: It’s Not Worth Losing Your Hair Over

PRP Laser Hair Loss Treatment Washington DCThe pandemic has caused a lot of uneasiness for a lot of people. And Covid-19 related hair loss is something else we have discovered in survivors of the virus. Months after recovering from Covid-19, many survivors have started losing their hair.

Stress can affect our bodies and how we handle stress plays an important part in what it can do to us. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that hair loss can be a long-term side-effect in Covid-19 survivors.

The particular type of hair loss that men and women are experiencing after having Covid is consistent with the condition called “telogen effluvium” which is a type of hair loss induced by high levels of stress on the body. Any sort of severe stressor on the body can trigger hair follicles to move into this shedding phase of the hair growth cycle.

Men and women have generally been reported to have experienced telogen effluvium typically in the time period of two to four months after their experience with Covid-19. Because most women wear their hair longer than men, they tend to notice their hair starting to fall out more when they take a shower and see the clumps of hair in the drain.

The good news is that this type of hair loss is often temporary, but it can take several months to resolve itself, and there is no guarantee that the hair will grow back as thick and full as it was before.


Treating Telogen Effluvium Hair Loss

Laser PRP Hair Loss Treatment Washington DC McLean VAThe good news is that there are FDA-approved treatments that can aid in stopping hair shedding and stimulate hair regrowth. An effective hair loss and hair regrowth treatment is Enhanced Plasma (EPT) Therapy.

Enhanced Plasma Therapy (EPT) is derived from your own blood plasma. These special enhanced plasma cells are extracted by our medical team and then  injected into the scalp where areas of hair loss are occurring. The improvement for many individuals is noticeable within about 30-40 days of initial treatment. Continued improvement is visible with further treatment, with effective results noticeable for up to one to two years.

If you have experienced hair loss after recovering from Covid-19, we invite you to request a free consultation with a qualified Grow Your Hair Back™ hair loss specialist and who can work with you one-on-one to help you find the perfect hair loss solution for your situation and needs.

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