Four Treatment Options for Female Pattern Baldness

female hair loss cure mclean northern virginiaMillions of women have a dirty little secret that they do anything they can to hide. That is female pattern baldness. Hair for many women isn’t just about beauty, it’s a part of who they are. For most women, to shave their head down like some men do when they begin to lose their hair just isn’t an option.

Often the result for women that discover they have hair loss is often feeling emotional traumatized. Their hair is often associated with their femininity and their personality. It can be painful to not be able to do anything as you watch each strand fall away.

There is hope for women that feel the despair of losing their hair. There are plenty of ways you can treat female pattern baldness in 2019. Here are a few of the most popular and most viable female hair loss solutions today:

Wigs & Hair Systems

If you want time to think about what options you have when it comes to women’s hair loss, wigs can be a great answer. Wigs today are made with real human hair and regardless of what you see on TV, wigs can be very secure and comfortable to wear. A good quality wig or non-surgical hair replacement system is virtually indistinguishable from your own natural hair and it can even be styled just like real hair.

Low Level Laser Hair Loss Therapy

Laser hair loss treatment therapy can help you regrow your own natural thinning hair. There have been several studies to have shown that low light laser therapy or LLLP is a safe treatment with no side-effects. It works by stimulating the scalp and increasing the blood flow and strengthening weak cells. Cold laser therapy doesn’t help in the most severe stages of hair loss but it does increase the thickness and fullness of hair for those with less severe hair loss.

Surgical Hair Transplants

If you are someone that has severe hair loss, then a surgical hair transplant procedure may be the option for you. This procedure involves taking a small strip from the back of your head, dividing it up into tiny skin graphs of three to four hair follicles at a time, and replanting them in the area you are experiencing hair loss.

The amount of hair that can be transplanted depends on the amount of hair you have in the donor area of your head. The hair you get is more evenly spaced around your head which will give you an improved appearance overall. The result you get when it all grows is thicker hair and improved self-confidence.

Enhanced Plasma Hair Therapy

EPT (Enhanced Plasma Therapy) is a hair loss treatment procedure where rich plasma is injected into the scalp. By doing this, Enhanced Plasma Hair Therapy helps to trigger the growth of working follicles and increase the length of time they are in the growth stage. It also helps in healing damage and stimulating regeneration.

Your own blood is put into a centrifuge to separate the rich plasma. The EPT is a great option for women faced with female pattern baldness.

If you or someone you know is dealing with hair loss contact us today at Grow Your Hair Back™ Medical Hair Restoration in McLean, Virginia. We would be happy to sit down with you in a private consultation to discuss your hair loss issue and help you find the right solution for you. Restoring your hair not only gives you your hair back but it can do so much to restore your self-esteem.