Female Pattern Baldness: Diagnosis & Solutions

A term we have all heard is male pattern baldness. What you may not have heard much is what is known as female pattern hair loss. Knowing the signs and symptoms is critical. Being able to recognize female pattern hair loss allows treatment to begin sooner rather than later. We are going to discuss female pattern hair loss from a few different perspectives.

Causes of Female Pattern Hair Loss

One of the most common causes of thinning hair for women is female pattern hair loss. What causes it is a disruption to the normal hair growth process. The whole process involves a regular cycle of hair growth, then a hair shedding phase where old hairs are discarded to make room for new hair growth. While some shedding is normal, women with female pattern hair loss don’t replace hair they are losing which causes their hair to become thin and can cause baldness. There are a variety of clinically proven hair restoration options that can be helpful for women with thinning hair.

What triggers women to have female pattern hair loss is unknown but scientists believe it may have to do with a combination of aging, family history, and hormonal changes, such as menopause.

Identifying Female Pattern Hair Loss

It has often been said that you can tell you have female pattern hair loss by seeing hairs on your pillow on in the shower drain. These claims are a little misleading as the issue is not shedding hair, it a failure to replace that hair. Simply finding hair on your pillow doesn’t mean you should worry as we shed hair every day as part of the natural process.

Female pattern hair loss can be identified by a pattern as the name suggests. This is not the same pattern as seen with male pattern hair loss. For women, the hair thinning is on the top/crown of the head. The hair loss will spread through the hair part. There may be come receding of the hairline as well but rarely does it progress to complete baldness as it can for men. If you believe you recognize this pattern you should speak to a hair loss professional as early intervention is key when it comes to being able to successfully curb the effects.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Female Pattern Hair Loss

Diagnosis of female pattern hair loss is done with trichological testing whereby they look at the health of the scalp and the structural integrity of your existing hair. This process allows them to determine the true cause of your hair loss and for them to recommend preferred options. The testing is painless and non-invasive and done in a private comfortable setting.

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