hair loss solutions mclean virginiaThere’s a lot of information out there about hair loss, some of it untrue. The causes of hair loss are not completely known and there is no known cure. Because of this uncertainty, there are many myths about hair loss that people believe to be true. Here are five myths about hair loss you should stop believing as you consider your hair restoration options. 

1. More Men Than Women Suffer From Hair Loss

When people think of hair loss, they often think of men. However, hair loss affects men and women equally. Women often have longer hair than men, making their hair loss less noticeable in many scenarios. Additionally, women often take extra steps to hide their hair loss. However, despite the difference in visibility, hair loss is equally common in both genders.

2. Diet Has No Influence On Hair Loss

What you eat can actually have a big impact on hair loss. If your body is not getting enough essential vitamins, especially iron, hair loss can occur. For this reason, many vegetarians and vegans have issues with hair loss. Conversely, eating vitamin-rich foods such as salmon and greek yogurt can slow hair loss and promote hair growth. A healthy diet is a very easy way to prevent hair loss.

3. Haircuts Make Hair Grow Back Thicker And Faster

Haircuts have absolutely no effect on hair growth. Everyone’s hair grows at different rates depending on each person’s specific growth cycle. A person’s growth cycle is a result of a combination of genetics and nutrition. Because cutting hair has no impact on hair follicles and just deals with the end, there is no way for a haircut to contribute to hair growth because the follicles are in charge of hair growth.

4. Wearing a Hat Too Much Suffocates Your Hair

It is true that consistent wearing of a hat that is too tight and pulls on your hair can contribute to hair loss. However, in most cases, frequent wearing of headwear will have no impact on hair loss or hair growth. Blocking air from getting to your hair follicles has no impact on your scalp’s growth patterns. Even if you wear a hat every day, your hair growth cycles will not be affected.

5. Tanning Beds Make Your Hair Fall Out

Many people believe that tanning is damaging to your hair follicles. This belief probably stems from the back that tanning is very damaging to your skin. Although tanning will dramatically increase your risk for melanoma, it will not impact your hair growth. In some cases, the extra vitamin D received in tanning can actually promote your hair growth. Although tanning can be very damaging to your skin, it will not cause your hair to fall out.

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