PRP Mens Hair Loss Treatment McLean VAA treatment for hair restoration that is growing in popularity is called Enhanced Plasma Therapy (EPT) Hair Restoration. If you are someone that is dealing with hair loss this might be an option for you. Enhanced Plasma Therapy (EPT) Treatment has shown to offer a lot of promise for men and women who suffer from hair loss because of male or female pattern hair loss or alopecia areata.

How is EPT Hair Restoration Performed?

The EPT treatment begins with a small amount of blood drawn that is then placed into a centrifuge to separate the blood and plasma. The blood that contains platelets and other substances like stem cells is then injected into the scalp around the areas that have thinning hair. While this may sound like a complex process it is actually very safe.

Why Does EPT Hair Restoration Work?

When the blood is separated, the portion that contains the platelets, stem cells and other substances are what is used to help grow new cells and that includes hair as well. The regrowth of hair follicles is what leads to hair production. The growth factors found in the blood help contribute to the development of new blood vessels.

It is worth noting that this procedure is not a one and done. To take full effect you will need several treatments over time, along with a few maintenance treatments to help keep regrown hairs healthy.

Why Are Multiple EPT Hair Restoration Sessions Important?

It is essential to have multiple sessions of EPT treatments for hair restoration. The process of regrowing the hair follicles and the hair takes time. Since hair goes through sever stages, you need to repeat the procedure a few time so it can be assured that it is all covered. Our hair goes through different phases that include the dormant stage, growth stage, and the shedding stage. Let’s say for example your hair’s stage in the dormant phase which is right before the growth stage. It is important to treat the hair when it is in this stage for hair development. This can take several sessions to make sure that none are missed.

Is EPT Hair Restoration Permanent?

EPT is proving to be an effective method but it is important to keep up with regular treatments once get the results you want. It is possible that your hair loss could return if you were to stop treatments.

If you are interested in seeing if EPT for hair restoration is right for you, schedule a consult with PRI Medical in Virginia today to speak with a hair loss specialists. This is the first step in restoring your hair and getting back to enjoying a full head of hair again.

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