Can Hair Loss Happen to Me in My 20’s?

hair loss 20s treatment mclean vaIt doesn’t come as any kind of surprise that a lot of men and women experience some hair thinning as we get older. When you may not expect to have hair loss is when you are in your 20’s. There can be a number of reasons why this could occur, but first, you should know that hair loss is not always permanent. To help you understand some of the causes of hair loss we have put together some of the most common factors:

Hair Loss Due to Genetics

For some, your family genetics may not work in your favor. Baldness can occur on someone because of the genes they inherit from both of their parents. While it has widely been rumored that hair loss comes from the mother’s side of the family, the truth is genes from both parents contribute. For men hair loss can be related to chromosome 20, but more scientific research needs to be conducted before the exact cause can be determined.

Chemotherapy Treatments

An individual going through cancer therapy like chemotherapy, hair loss is often one of the side-effects. The chemotherapy attacks the cancer cells in the body but it also goes after other cells in the body which include hair follicles. Since the hair loss is directly related to chemotherapy, once the treatments have ended the hair follicles most often will begin to grow again.

Prescription Medications

We all know that certain medications may have side-effects but we don’t often think of hair loss as being one of them. Some medications that can cause hair loss are blood thinners, beta-blockers, female or male hormones, antidepressants, and anticonvulsants. If you believe a medication you are taken may have side-effects that could be causing hair loss you should consult with your doctor.


There are a number of reasons that stress can be a contributing factor to hair loss. For some, it may cause an individual to develop habits of picking and pulling at their hair when they are nervous. This can lead to bald patches over time. Anxiety issues can also cause your hair to become weaker and this leads to your hair falling out or to simply stop growing hair.

Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases are diseases that cause the body to essentially attack itself. This happens when the healthy cells in your body are attacked and hair loss can be a result. One very common form of autoimmune disease is Alopecia. Hair loss often begins to fall out in chunks until all of the hair has come out. This can lead to baldness on your entire scalp (alopecia totalis) or your entire body (alopecia universalis).

Poor Diet

What you consume in your diet can be a contributing factor in the health of your hair. If you don’t give your body the nutrients it needs certain things will begin to weaken and may stop growing hair. If you don’t take in enough Vitamin D your hair could in-fact stop growing. Men and women that suffer from anorexia often have their hair weaken and fall out because they don’t get the nutrients they need.

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