Debunking Popular Hair Transplant Myths

hair restoration transplants mclean arlington virginiaAs anyone with hair loss will tell you, losing your hair can be extraordinarily difficult to deal with, especially from an emotional standpoint, not to mention dealing with the change in your physical appearance and it’s effect on your self-confidence and self-image.

Thankfully, gone are the days where hair loss is irreversible. Today, hair transplants are the most effective and permanent approach to treating hair loss for both men and women. With today’s advanced technology, such as the ARTAS robotic FUE hair transplant system, our McLean, Virginia hair restoration surgeons are able to correct cases of scarring and balding that was often the result with past, poor hair transplant procedures.

There are a number of popular misconceptions about hair transplants, that we think should be cleared up to help you understand the hair transplant process, and what it can do for you.

Myth 1: You Need to get a Hair Transplant When You are Still Young
The newest hair transplant technique is called FUE, which stands for follicular unit extraction. It involves the extraction of donor hair follicles, usually from the back of the patient’s head where the hair is not susceptible to thinning or balding. There are several myths that are associated with FUE procedures. One is the belief that a person should only have a hair transplant if they are fairly young. The fact is, it is actually better to have a hair transplant procedure when you are slightly older. Hair loss can be unpredictable in young patients, therefore, undergoing any hair transplant procedure at a young age is generally not advisable.

Myth 2: You Will Have Obvious Results Immediately
Hair that has been transplanted needs time to grow, much like regular hair. It can take up to a year for the process to be fully complete. You simply can’t expect that your hair will grow overnight. Over time your new hair will grow, and will blend in with your natural hair perfectly. Our McLean, Virginia hair transplant surgeons utilizes the latest in FUE hair transplant technology so precisely that every hair graft is aligned perfectly with your own natural hair growth pattern.

Female hair transplants - McLean, VirginiaMyth 3: Hair Transplant Surgery is Only Effective for Men
While hair transplantation has been predominantly known as a male hair loss remedy, women are greatly affected by hair loss and thinning hair just like men. Hereditary pattern balding (Androgenetic Alopecia) affects women just as much as men. Therefore permanent, natural hair transplantation is a viable hair loss solution for women as well. In the United States along, over 56 million men and women experience hair loss.

Myth 4: Unsightly Linear Scarring in the Donor Area
Old fashioned hair transplants have been noted for leaving an unsightly and very noticeable linear scar in the back-of-head donor area. This is no longer the case. That fact is, the latest FUE hair transplant techniques use an advanced dissection technique to obtain the hair follicles needed from a a diffuse area along the back and sides of the scalp, with no noticeable scarring whatsoever. And with our exclusive multi-unit hair grafting advanced natural hair transplants, the scar is so small as to be virtually undetectable.

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