FUE Hair Transplants – A Closer Look

ARTAS Hair Transplant McLean VirginiaSome new developments in hair transplants techniques come in the form of robotics. The manual hair transplant procedure has been the way it has been done for decades. Let’s take a look at how the two compare:

What is a Robot Hair Transplant?

Robotic hair transplant often goes by other names like R-FUE or Artas. The actual technique of robotic hair transplant is the same as that used in standard FUE hair transplant procedure.

The Artas FUE Hair Transplant procedure at our hair transplant clinic in McLean begins like a standard FUE hair transplant with donor hair area being prepared by being shaved and a local anesthetic administered. The robotic system uses cameras to get footage of the donor area. The image processing software is then used to identify the best hair follicles. Once the footage is processed then the extracting of the hair follicle is started using a robotic arm. The hair restoration surgeon is able to make an adjustment to help make the process more precise when necessary. When the hair follicles are loosened they are collected by the surgeon. The procedure then reverts back to a standard FUE procedure where the hair follicles are prepared before being manually transplant into the needed areas of the scalp.

What is a FUE Hair Transplant?

The FUE hair transplant procedure extracts individual hair follicles from the donor area and they are grafted into areas of the scalp that have thinning or balding areas all performed my hand. The ARTAS system has basically been constructed to replicate the FUE hair transplant procedure in extraction.

Robotic vs FUE Hair Transplant Procedures

When it comes to comparing the two types of procedure there are different pros and cons to each. The one big difference is the FUE procedure is entirely performed manually where the ARTAS robotic technique is used for half the procedure.

At Grow Your Hair Back™ Medical Hair Transplant Clinic in McLean, Virginia, your hair transplant will be performed by one of our experienced hair transplant surgeons who will analyze your scalp, hair growth and hair texture so that they are able to personalize your hair transplant procedure whether it be FUE or ARTAS in order to best achieve your desired results. Your donor hair is a limited source which is why we work by hair, not per graft ensuring that only the strongest, healthiest follicles are selected for your transplant procedure.

We understand that many people will have different opinions on which hair transplant methods can offer the best results which are why we highly recommend doing your research about the different options and meeting with one of our hair transplant surgeons in McLean to discuss which hair transplant procedure you are most comfortable with, which procedure will give you the best results, and how surgical hair restoration or hair loss treatment can work for you.