The ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System

ARTAS Hair Transplant McLean VirginiaIf you suffer with thinning hair and are looking into a hair transplant procedures, you have a lot to consider. There are follicular unit extraction (FUE) methods or perhaps the follicular unit transplant (FUT) method would be a better choice. And then there is the ARTAS robotic hair transplant to consider.

What Makes ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplants So Special?

To really understand how ARTAS works, we first need to look at the FUE hair transplant technique. Follicular unit extraction is when an individual hair follicle is removed from the donor area using a very tiny punch that is as small as .8 millimeters. Using this technique reduces any chance of scarring, that you would have with the FUT method. The follicular unit transplant method leaves a slight linear scar in the donor area. The FUE method is a great option for those with a smaller transplant area or who like to wear their hair short. The recovery time is also very minimal.

What Should I Expect From an ARTAS Hair Transplant?

The ARTAS system uses the FUE method as part of its technology and it gives the surgeon even more precise tool for transplanting hair from donor area to the areas that have thin or bald areas. The first step is for the ARTAS system to digitize the donor area. This will create a virtual map to guide it. This will allow it to harvest specific follicles to be transplanted. After enough hair have been harvested, they are then transplanted in the areas where you have thinning hair.

The ARTAS Robotic hair transplant system is a state-of-the-art, permanent hair restoration procedure used harvest the donor hair more quickly from a larger area. You still get the same great results as if it were performed manually. The process is virtually painless and there are no sutures needed and there are no linear scars. The ARTAS system is a solution that is effective for men and women who want permanent results. The results are so amazing that no one will be able to tell that you had a hair transplant. You will see your permanent hair growing in and filling in those areas. Downtime after this surgery is less that two days. Six to nine months after your surgery, you will begin to see permanent hair growing in.

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