mens hair loss treatment mclean vaHair Problems and Your Overall Health

Your hair may be giving you clues about your overall health. Your hair does a great deal to inform us when something may not be right. You should pay attention to how your hair feels, look and how easy it is to style. Often when hair symptoms point to larger and more prominent problems you shouldn’t avoid or ignore the possibility. There is good news, these symptoms often can provide you with an easy view into what’s happening within your body early on which gives you the chance to take action before it gets worse.

Your Hair Is Thinning
One of the signs that something could be wrong is a change in the about of hair we have. While thinning hair is not uncommon as most people lose from 50 to 100 strands each day as we go about our daily lives and never notice this happens. If you should notice your hair is thinning, it may be a good time to examine what may be causing it.

Hair Restoration professionals know that one common reason for thinning hair as a symptom may be the presence of a hormone imbalance or autoimmune conditions. When the hormones in your body are not regulated it can affect the growth of your hair and how much hair you shed. Autoimmune diseases occur when your body’s own immune system begins to fight off its own cells. If your hair is thinning or shedding rapidly, it may be due to these key areas of concern.

Your Hair is Breaking and Thinning
Your hairs strength is a good indicator of your health. If your hair is breaking or thinning or perhaps just not growing health strands then that is an indicator that there is an underlying problem. Breakage and thinning occurs when the hair follicles are not getting the nutrients they need to grow properly. The hair you get is less strong and prone to breakage.

Why is this happening? There can be several reasons for it. The most common is the nutritional deficiency. What you eat really does have an impact on the way your hair looks and feels. Certain types of nutrients help your hair grow strong and healthy. Vitamins like D and B are necessarily for healthy hair and not getting enough of them can cause your hair to thin.

Other Reasons to Call Your Doctor

There are times that your hair may be telling you something.

  • Excessive hair growth, especially for women on the abdomen or face may be a sign of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).
  • If you have excessive hair growth on the skin or other skin changes such as darker looking skin, reddened skin, or itching could be another sign of a serious issue.
  • Hair loss that is significant can be an indication of high levels of stress, especially if you are losing hair in patches around your scalp.
  • Hair thinning can be an indication of psychological stressors as well. If notice hair falling out in patches on the scalp may be an indicator for alopecia areata.

There are many situations that hair change is a clear indication that something has changed with your health. Take a close look at any changes that occurred over the last couple of weeks or months. See if there is any correlation with any thing you have changed like your diet for example. Have you been stressed out or taken ill? Your doctor can help you find underlying problems and you may want to seek out professional advice from a hair loss professional on treatments and therapies for hair loss prevention.

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