Receive the Greater Density with Multi-Unit Grafting

Most men and women don’t wonder if they will lose their hair, when in fact, by the age of thirty over two-thirds of American men will experience some about of hair loss. By the time they are 50 years of age, the number will increase to 85%. This is a large number of men that develop hair loss.

Multi-Unit Hair Grafting Hair TransplantIf you suffer from hair loss there are few things more important than wanting to achieve the most density while having a natural look after a hair transplant procedure. At Grow Your Hair Back™ we use a Multi-Unit Hair Grafting method that can deliver a hair transplant with 3 times more hair grafts in a single procedure than many other known transplant methods.

Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ Hair Transplant Benefits:

  • It will maximize the number of hairs per volume
  • You will have a natural look after your transplant
  • This method is perfect for individuals with slight to severe thinning hair
  • For many, the cost is less per hair transplanted with fewer hair transplant sessions.

The Multi-Unit Grafting Hair Transplant Difference

You may be asking what makes Multi-Unit Hair Grafting so unique compared to hair transplant procedures. Simply put, we use a combination of three different types of grafts. First, there is the Micro Graft. This is used to define the frontal hairline. Second is the Follicular Unit Grafting which will add a thin layer into the transplanted area. Lastly is the third type, Multi-Unit Hair Graft. This exclusive technique can increase hair density to the overall procedure.

Other types of procedures will use the first two methods mentioned above. With those, the grafts may be 2 grafts in one follicle. The added benefit from a multi-unit graft gives you a more natural hair spacing which will give you a more natural look to your hair’s appearance. It also increased your hair density giving you a fuller look to your head of hair.



Whether you are experiencing thinning hair and want to stop your hair loss, or want more hair, we provide the most advanced and effective hair restoration procedures for men and women of all ages and hair types.

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